Laderegler MPC1 für Rutland FM1803

Laderegler MPC1 für Rutland FM1803
  • Hersteller: marlec
  • Garantie (Monate): 24
Produktcode: AD6982
Preis ohne MWSt.: CHF 916.67
Preis inkl. MWSt.: CHF 990.00
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Battery Management Laderegler

Modell MPC1 für Rutland FM1803 Windgenerator 12/24V

MPC1 Controller which protects batteries against overcharge. A digital LED display shows battery voltage  switching points are automatically adjusted for ambient  temperature to maintain optimum battery performance. MPC1 Controller incorporates 4 key features; 3 phase transformer to reduce voltage, a rectifier to convert AC to DC an electronic controller and battery overcharge protection.

Electronic MPC1 Controller is included with the turbine.  It's key features and functions are:

  • It optimises turbine power output by matching power ratios with windspeed
  • It converts the turbine's AC power to DC, so you can locate the turbine where windflow is best – yet use the power a distance away
  • MPC1 Controller provides overcharge protection which shuts down the turbine when the batteries are full saving on unnecessary wear
  • It has a digital display of battery volts, power output and modes of operation and is available in 12 volt or 24 volt versions 


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